Advocacy through a healing lens

We invite people to advocate through a healing lens by focusing additional attention to the human beings that are creating, administering, and/or impacted by policy systemically oppressive policy initiatives.


By providing access to opportunities to share knowledge, learn how to be grounded while advocating, and  policy initiatives we foster advocates with a healing lens.

Our advocacy  experiences range from summits, community walks, and advocating for human-centered and culturally mindful policies.

Our Advocacy Experiences

  • Rooted in Advocacy

  • Sandra Bland Day a of healing and advocacy

  • Human-centered Policy initiatives

    • Equitable Access for Black mamas to health options

    • Access to Healing for people directly or vicariously impacted by oppressive systems

    • End of mass incarceration

Our flow

Instead of utilizing language that removes us from nature, we work hard to utilize language that embodies or goal to look to nature to cultivate change.  Our Flow, refers to the various forms of methodologies used to create our advocacy and other experiences.

WE utilize a human-centered Approach to policy Initiatives

We utilize healing practices to shift perspectives 

We utilize cultural mindfulness