May You Be Well

A word from our birther Fatima Mann

May these words find you with peace of mind. May these words find you filled with grace, compassion, and gratitude. May these words traverse through your being with each breath you have been gifted in the present. May these words be a gentle reminder that we, me, you,  everyone on Earth, are on the same planet you are at this moment. May these words be an invitation to check in with your body, spirit, mind, and emotions.  May these words invite you to drink water, unapologetically take care of yourself in a loving way, and connect with yourself, others, and Mother Nature in a manner that doesn’t traumatize any parties, including you.


May you read these words from a place of knowing that you are not alone. May you engage with these words grounded in knowing that you need you.  May you embody these words from a place of knowing that you deserve the best version of you.  May you find these words as seeds to plant in your forest of healing, growing, and transformation.  May you allow these words to consensually flow through your consciousness connecting you with your genuine feelings without shame or guilt. 


May we be invited to take time to connect with ourselves, our families, communities, friends, and others in ways that are not traumatizing or triggering.  May we be invited to acknowledge and embrace the reality of our own lived experiences.  May we be invited to remember we are all on the same planet, breathing the same air, at the same time, connected.  Regardless of what country we live in, the language we speak, the color of our skin, or the person we choose to love.


May we practice healing collectively, individually, personally, familial and professionally. May we pause and take time to check in and on the wellness of our mind, bodies, and emotions.  May we seek to transform our spaces, communities, and the world in a manner that ends capitalizing off traumatizing, dehumanizing, and desensitizing us.  May we be centered in knowing that everyone deserves and is entitled to peace of mind, nourishment, and genuine connection.  May we practice learning, connecting, and reflecting in ways that will manifest the transformations we seek.  May we be gentle and have grace, compassion, and patience with ourselves and others.


May we continue to use the energy of the election to heal, connect with others, connect with ourselves, and connect with Mother Nature.  May you become involved in expansive and transformative work.


May you be wrapped in a gentleness and peace. We look forward to connecting with you about our upcoming experiences.


Birther & Director

Fatima Mann, J.D. 200 hour T. C. Y.T