Our Roots

We are 501 c(3) rooted in human centered, culturally appropriate, and trauma informed advocacy and healing experiences.  We are rooted in mindfulness. Mindful of the needs communities systemically ostracized and oppressed. Mindful of systemic caused traumas, and the role healing from those traumas can cultivate community.

We believe in looking to nature, members of impacted communities, and the systems to cultivate our forest of change.  Our roots are our values in which we ground ourselves and our work.


Our Roots grow deep in:

  1. Human-centered engagement

  2. Cultural Mindfulness

  3. Healing-centered Engagement

Meet our birther & Director

Fatima Mann, JD. TCYT, CYT

Fatima Mann’s life’s mission is to be a vessel for others to experience the full joy of loving and accepting themselves. She is a first generation college graduate and the only lawyer on her maternal and paternal side.  She has worked arduously to transform herself from a person who used to cope with life's hardships through self-mutilation to being free to love and accept herself. She has transcended the trauma of being a womayn of African descent through meditation, becoming a yoga instructor, and serving others systematically oppressed and ostracized.  Fatima learned how to serve others through joining AmeriCorps Vista in 2013, which catapulted her into a life of service. Her personal experiences and continuous service in the heart of systematically oppressed communities molded her into a cultivator of social equity.

Serving as an AmeriCorps Vista, pushed her to become involved in combating police brutality through co-founding the Austin Justice Coalition (AJC) an Austin based social justice organization. Her work with AJC allowed her to participate in the creation of the body wearing camera policy for the Austin Police Department. She eventually attended and graduated in 2018, from Southern University Law Center (SULC). As a full time law student Fatima co-founded Counter Balance: ATX (CBATX) an Austin-based self-care and social justice organization. Fatima served as Executive Director of CBATX,  receiving several awards, the 2018 National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year Award, 2018 Measure Austin Big Data & Community Policing Appreciation Award, and the 2017 Austin Community College Equity Activist Award. She also served as CBATX’s policy advisor and aided in the passing of the Sandra Bland Act. Upon graduation of law school she recognized the need for advocacy through a healing lens and founded Community Advocacy and Healing Project. 

Fatima’s dedication to being a vessel and serving others allowed her to nominated for Austin’s 40 under 40 in 2016 and 2017, she’s received the New Leaders Council first Progressive Leadership Award in 2017, the 2017 Capitol Area Democratic Women Leadership Champion, and the Louisiana State Bar Student Pro Bono 2018 Award.


Fatima utilizes her law degree, yoga, and mindfulness practices to inspire others to love and accept themselves through cultivating various forms of experiences. Fatima’s personal and professional experience continuously inspires her to share her learns and opportunities with others through public speaking and trainings.  She wants everyone to remember to drink water, take moments to take deep breaths, and take care of themselves.

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Our Agreements

We strive to cultivate peaceful spaces where people can unapologetically be themselves.  We strive to create trauma free environments, by agreeing to but limited to the following:


Healing is a community effort.

Rooted in Humanity

Through mindful collaboration in the creation of policy, healing opportunities, and community restoration, for (1) systemically ostracized and oppressed people; (2) people working within the system; and (3) those vicariously impacted by either or both.

CAHP engages people in learning and creating policy, discovering various tools to assist them on their healing journey, and access to necessary culturally proficient, trauma focused, and human centered supplies and resources.

Rooted in Advocacy & Healing

We advocate in  a manner that centralizes the human experience with  simultaneously providing remedies to systemic issues in a culturally proficient and trauma informed manner. Providing access to opportunities to share knowledge about  people systemically ostracized and/or oppressed and their liberation.

Healing is a community experience beginning with the mind, body, and heart.  People are traumatized daily without positive coping skills. Addressing trauma allows the building of healthy communities. Healing opportunities created in the heart of communities in collaboration with people of the  community allow healing to begin in the heart of the community.

Help us advocate through a healing lens.