Day Four: 21 Days of the State of Womayn of the African Diaspora

Womayn of the African Diaspora (WOAD) confront the reality of being in spaces in which they are simultaneously the backbones and the doormats of their communities. Forced to make the choice between surviving, or living and thriving.

Community Advocacy and Healing Project is honored to harvest the stories of WOAD and their contributions in transforming the world before and during COVID19. We are on a 21 day journey to checkin and learn from WOAD.

Womayn of the African Diaspora are working tirelessly to assist and transform their communities. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Our series is our effort in creating the habit of acknowledging, honoring, and hearing the stories of WOAD. The stories of their lives and how they are assisting girls and womayn of the African and their communities.

Our feature for our fourth day is Tenci Campbell the cofounder of Ufulu Child. A healing duo centered in assisting people remember how to access their freedom. The freedom that resides within us, the freedom that allows us to make choices to heal ourselves. Tenci humbly guides us on a journey of the power of our minds, and how we can heal our perceptions of society through love.

You are invited to take a moment to pause, drink some water and listen to our fourth session of the 21 Days of the State of Womayn of the African Diaspora Day, with Tenci Campbell.

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